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some feelings

  • entering a warm room after being out in the cold
  • peeling off your socks after a long day
  • the “boom” in your heart when you hear a firework explode
  • having someone brush your hair
  • the buzz of your fingers opening a package you’ve been waiting for
  • writing with a new pen
  • the funny feeling in your stomach when you see the sun outside your window and realize you’ve stayed up all night


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy

“I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.”

A.G. (via petitloupp)

“It hurts when you miss someone that doesn’t miss you.”

(via youstolemylife)

“Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.”

John Mayer (via perfect)



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